Smart girl’s guide to colorful eclectic decorating.

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Until recently, I didn’t realize that colorful eclectic decorating was even a thing…

All I knew was that I LOVE whitespace, with happy, pops of color. And because I had to do everything on a slim budget, I would often rely on random pieces that I would spray paint to match my favorite colors, or hang a screen printed freebie that Scott got at a conference to my wall.

I thought, “Hey… maybe this is a little, quirky…”, and I was perfectly happy with that. Then I started getting complements, and questions like, “How do you make the randomness look good together?”, so today I’m going to show you just how easy, affordable, and fun this style of decorating can be!!


1.  Pick your neutral. 

Your neutral base is going to have a huge impact on the color scheme that you go with. Eclectic decorating is seemingly random at first, but if you look carefully, all of the colors ‘work’ together. In my office, for example, you will see reoccurring colors that are actually used over and over again in my shop.

Because we live in a rental, I didn’t get to choose my paint color, but most everything I have is a bright white, with a few gray things here and there. I really love how using white as a neutral can brighten and open up a space, so my shelving and large items are all white.


2. Pick 2-3 ‘base’ colors.

Picking your base colors doesn’t mean that you can only use those colors. It just gives you a color guideline to work with. My base colors are hot pink, yellow, and gold. As you can tell from the photo up top, I have WAY more than those 3 colors, but all of the ‘extra’ colors that you see actually work together. This just helps to keep it eclectic and not psychedelic!

Keeping paint chips in your wallet is a great way to always have a color guide on hand. Next time you see a piece of decor or art that you like in the store, hold up that base color paint chips next to it, and see if it works together! It takes the guess work and stress out of picking new pieces!



3. Use different sized picture frames.

Some of my posters are hung with binder clips that are pinned up with straight pins, but I seriously love me some picture frames. Wether you spray paint an old one from the thrift store, or use a bright colored one from IKEA, using different sized picture frames can create interest and tell a story. My wall is full of posters that were designed by graphic designer friends, printables from my shop and my friends’ shops, a letter from Joanna Gaines (totally not kidding!), and a shadow box that contains a locket from some dear friends that told me to never give up when I was around 14 years old.

Those are things that mean a lot to me, motivate me, and tell my story, but everyone’s story is so different. Your story would be beautiful in its own unique way. ❤️


4. Find accent pieces to hang between the frames.

Some people prefer to only hang frames in a gallery type layout, but I really enjoy hanging a little ‘bling’ here and there. All of my accent pieces came from dollar bins and places like Michael’s $3 section. Because those spots tend to be seasonal, think ahead to what time of year your base colors will be popular.

Since my colors are pretty bright, they tend to come out around Valentine’s and a lot during the summer. A little preplanning will go a long way in saving you some money! And don’t you just want this T-Rex head on your wall???? ?



5. Experiment with storage solutions!

You want a good portion of your storage to be neat, stackable things that are going to help avoid the appearance of clutter, but having 1 or 2 unusual storage items can help to add a little character to the space. In my case, my unusual storage item is the bird cage shown in the top picture.

It has been a lifesaver for me! The drawers below it are full of wool yarn that I use to make my products, but once a skein of yarn is half used (not all products use a full skein), it’s hard to neatly store it in the drawer again. I’m able to place the leftover yarn in the bird cage without having to worry about it getting tangled up or having to dig through the drawers to find that tiny leftover ball.



Hope that gives you some fun ideas, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Tag me on social @TokyoBlossom, so I can see your finished work!


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