Do I love God’s word?

Love God's Word
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This last week I had the unique opportunity of getting to meet someone who has recently come to know Jesus as their Savior. As they asked questions and had them answered with verses from the God’s Word, they clung to every word, wrote in the margins so they wouldn’t forget what they learned, and asked what other passages they could read to learn more.

Guys, I’m grateful that I can freely open my Bible, pray, and attend church, but I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t love it with the same passion and fervor that this person does. I can’t say that God’s Word is so sweet to me that it’s sweeter than honey. But can you imagine if it was? It would no longer be just part of our morning routine. It would no longer be something we made ourselves do, just because we know we should.

Can you imagine if we loved His word and got excited the same way we love to get a sweet note in our mailbox from a friend? I can only imagine my attitude towards other things would change! I wonder if I would stop seeing opportunities God puts into my life as “have to’s” and start seeing them “wow, this is so awesome’s”! 

Here’s to seeing the Scriptures with fresh eyes and a loving heart starting today. ?


Seeing this person’s new love for Jesus and the Bible went further than just convicting me… it blessed and encouraged me. In fact, there has been a little bit of a shift in focus. Maybe not even a shift, but more of a sharpening of focus. If you are on Instagram, be sure to follow along with my #devoswithjulie hashtag to see what God has been teaching me!


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