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office tour tokyo blossom boutique

I love a good office tour!

Every chance I get to take and office tour, I take mental note of the decor, the space, and what they did to make it uniquely their’s. It’s always fun to see how the office inspires the person that works in it. You can generally look at the person, then look at their office and see that it’s a reflection of the person that works in it.

Today over on Periscope, I’m giving a mini office tour. I say ‘mini’ because my office consists of a very small area, but I thought it might be fun to get a behind the scenes look at my work space, some of the tools that inspire me, and various fun things I like to have around me. I hope you’ll join me at 3pm EST!

tokyo blossom boutique office decor

Did you miss today’s Periscope show episode of Stand Up and Sparkle? You can watch the replay here!

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