The encouraging letter box.


Do you ever forget to keep in touch with people that you may not see on a regular basis? Solution = the letter box!

I’m going to show you a little letter box trick that has helped me to write my loved ones more often. I’m seriously introverted, so above calling or texting, I love letter writing via the old fashioned, snail mail way. Plus, it really gives me an excuse to buy pretty stationary!

When you set up your letter box keep in mind that this is the system that has worked best for me, but you can get creative with the concept, to make it work for you! I started off with a pretty box that would hold the notecards I have on hand. I think this was actually a box that I got on clearance at the craft store. It ended up being perfect! Whatever box you use, make sure it’s something you really love. I don’t care if it’s new or repurposed, but it needs to be something that you really enjoy using. The more you enjoy it, the more likely you are going to want to use it!


I put everything I would need to write an encouraging note into the letter box. Pre-stamp, and label your envelopes. By making it easy to just ‘grab and go’, you’re making it easier to form a habit! I have a list of loved ones that I write on rotation. Postage can get a little pricey, so I send out the letters on designated days, and then text people on the other days. You can change up how you plan it, but I’ve found that having set ‘mail days’ helps me to actually do it.

A little card might not seem like a big deal, but sometimes it’s those little cards that give us just the encouragement we need for the day!

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A week of new things.


This has been a week of new things for me. Everything from a crazy girl’s night out to the web site launch has kept me on my toes! Here’s a little look into what I’ve been up to.
New planner accessories.
My line of planner accessories launch in less than two weeks!! I’ve had a lot on my plate this last month, so there has been a lot of last minute work happening, but I’m so excited about how each color/piece/design is coming together. Something about all that glitter just makes me so happy. 😊
More family time.


I’m not going to lie… 2015 wasn’t one of our finest years. We had a lot of amazing things happen, but we really let a lot of important things slip through the cracks. One of those things was actual quality time as a family.
We would do a few things here and there, but by the time we got around to having a family night, we were so stressed out that our minds were elsewhere. This year we are making an extra effort to ‘turn off’ everything that’s going on and focus on each other.
I tried the Cheesecake Factory for the first time!


My sister came to spend part of the weekend with us, and while she was here, she took me out for a girl’s night. I did a lot of things I had never done before! We drove to a mall I had never been to, ate at a restaurant I had never tried, and even went into a makeup store that I was a little intimidated by. (It was fancier than I was used to.)
I was so excited because, most places don’t have a gluten free dessert menu, but the Cheesecake factory had the most amazing GF chocolate cheesecake. Did I say it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G???
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Colorful Bobby Pin DIY

Today’s colorful bobby pin tutorial is super easy! Chances are, most of you gals will have the materials on hand. All you need is:
  • Your favorite color nail polish. (bright is best)
  • The type of bobby pin you normally use.
  • A piece of card stock or thick paper.


You’re going to want to slide your bobby pins onto the piece of card stock. You can use a regular piece of paper if you don’t have card stock. This is going to help to keep the pins from sticking together when you paint them. When you’re painting more than one pin in the same color, it’s ok if they are side by side on the card as you paint them. If you’re changing up the colors like I did in this photo, be sure to give yourself enough room to keep the colors from mixing.


For this project, I used COVERGIRL Xl Nail Gel Whole Lotta Guava 710 0.44 Fl Oz that I found on clearance at Target. If you use black pins like I did, make sure the colors you pick are really bright. I tried to do one in a dark purple, but the color didn’t show up as well as I would have liked.

As you paint the tops, don’t worry about getting the nail polish on the card stock. For some reason, when the polish is completely dry, the pins will slide off clean with no problems. Just remember that making sure that the polish is COMPLETELY dry is key. If you pull them off too soon, they will smudge or end up sticking together!


The result is so pretty, and nobody will ever know that you did it yourself unless you tell them!

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Learning to stand up and sparkle.

I hope your enjoyed the very first ‘stand up and sparkle’ Periscope show! If you didn’t get to join in live, you can always see the replay here.

It’s been some week prepping for this show! I’ve done everything from learning how to set up automated emails so you can get your free ‘Stand Up and Sparkle’ printable when your sign up for my email club, to learning how NOT to open up a P.O. box at the post office. But I love you guys, and you’re totally worth it! 😉

All of the hurdles I had to jump, leading up to launch day made me realize how much this show is just as much for me as as it is for my listeners. Just a few years ago, I would have probably ran and hid after bumping into the first obstacle, but if I had, I would have missed out on making friends with so many of you guys through Periscope!


Call it what it is!

So many times, we create elaborate explanations for why we won’t do new things. We say that it’s not our passion, we don’t have time, or it just wasn’t meant to be. Those things all could be true, but more often than not, we use it as an excuse to not do the things that we’re afraid to do. So call it what it is! You’re afraid…

We’re afraid of what other’s might think of our new venture, we’re afraid of failing, or we’re afraid of rejection. Whatever it is, until we admit to the root cause, we can’t move forward. So face it and get it out of the way, because we’re gonna do big things together!

Close your eyes and jump!

Sometimes we try to wait till we’re not afraid to make that first move. We’re waiting for the courage to make the jump, to send that scary product pitch, or to tell people about our big dreams. But what we don’t realize is, that doing those very things that terrify us is what breeds the courage to do more. It’s ok to be afraid when you take that first step. It’s not ok to let that fear keep you from starting.

You can’t go anywhere until you start!

Have you ever been afraid to do something new because you had a fear of messing up, or not being able to do it as well as you thought you should? I have. I tend to be a perfectionist, and while that helps me to work on details, it can also be my #1 enemy when I get ready to do something new. Even as I was getting ready to launch my site, I was having second thoughts. I kept thinking things like, “What if someone thinks my site looks mediocre, or what if there’s a glitch along the way.” I had to just close my eyes and hit ‘publish’ and realize that I couldn’t start moving forward until I actually started!


Thanks again for being a part of my blog/show! It means so much to me to see familiar faces coming back to join me each day. If this post, or today’s show was a help to you, please share it with your friends. More than anything, I want to be a blessing and a help to others, and that’s only possible when I have amazing readers like you who share my work with their friends! I love you all, and don’t forget to sign up for the email club and get your free printable!!