A week of new things.


This has been a week of new things for me. Everything from a crazy girl’s night out to the web site launch has kept me on my toes! Here’s a little look into what I’ve been up to.
New planner accessories.
My line of planner accessories launch in less than two weeks!! I’ve had a lot on my plate this last month, so there has been a lot of last minute work happening, but I’m so excited about how each color/piece/design is coming together. Something about all that glitter just makes me so happy. ?
More family time.


I’m not going to lie… 2015 wasn’t one of our finest years. We had a lot of amazing things happen, but we really let a lot of important things slip through the cracks. One of those things was actual quality time as a family.
We would do a few things here and there, but by the time we got around to having a family night, we were so stressed out that our minds were elsewhere. This year we are making an extra effort to ‘turn off’ everything that’s going on and focus on each other.
I tried the Cheesecake Factory for the first time!


My sister came to spend part of the weekend with us, and while she was here, she took me out for a girl’s night. I did a lot of things I had never done before! We drove to a mall I had never been to, ate at a restaurant I had never tried, and even went into a makeup store that I was a little intimidated by. (It was fancier than I was used to.)
I was so excited because, most places don’t have a gluten free dessert menu, but the Cheesecake factory had the most amazing GF chocolate cheesecake. Did I say it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G???
Hey! I hope you enjoyed today’s Periscope! If you didn’t catch it live, you can always see it again here.