My favorite sources for color inspiration…


my favorite sources for color inspiration

We use color inspiration everyday.

Maybe you went to put an outfit together at the store, and you were drawn to a certain color combination. Or you decided to buy a piece of jewelry to go with a dress you had it home, and you already knew it would look good because you had seen that color combo in a magazine. Color inspiration plays a big role in not only our wardrobe choices, but in decor, art, and the list goes on. I have found that a little inspiration goes a long way in helping me to brainstorm for new products that I design for my shop, or even what photo props I should use when shooting pictures of those products.

Today I’m going to be sharing a few of my favorite resources that help to feed my obsession for colorful everything!


Design Seeds

WARNING: This site is highly addictive!

Jessica Colaluca has curated some of the most beautiful photographs and turned them into amazing color swatches. I believe most of the photos are entered via Instagram hashtag #seedscolor, where she selects some of her favorites and turns them into a useful swatch. I could spend forever browsing her collections!

Color Collective

While Lauren’s site is similar in concept to Design Seeds, her overall style is very different. Showcasing everything from geometric scarves to bold patterns, her flair is a bit more modern. I love the simplicity of her taste, and how many of her photos are related to either fashion or art.

Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie is one of the most mesmerizing accessory shops I have ever been in. Something about aisle after aisle of color organized fashion is very appealing. While each aisle is sorted by the main color of the product, without fail, there is a little pop of a complementing color in that same area. I generally try to look over a couple of products in each aisle and study what two or three colors they paired together. I then think about why those colors work so well together. You would be amazed how that information will suddenly come handy the next time you go shopping!

So that is the method to my madness… I hope you have fun with your next color venture!

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