On Memorial Day


On Memorial Day, have you ever stopped during the national anthem and suddenly felt tears welling up in your eyes and an overwhelming gratitude in your heart?

I wasn’t born or raised in the United Stated, but as someone who came to live here as a young adult, and have close family members going all the way back to WWII who have served this country at some point… the flag, our anthem, their sacrifice… it’s tough for me to hold back the tears when I hear our song sung.

I think of people like my sister who have anxiously waited for loved ones to come home from deployment, those who may have been injured on the line of duty, and families who have carefully hung a ‘gold star’…

So the next time you hear our song, and you see a tear roll down my face, I hope you’ll remember how blessed we are, stand a little taller, and remember…

…I am forever grateful.