Faith not fear…

Today, I was sitting down to fill out the ‘reflection page’ in my Brilliant Life Planner, and I was thinking about how I don’t always see huge progress from week to week. That being said, when we look back a few weeks, months or even years, we can see how much God is teaching us and growing us.


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One area that God is really working with me on is learning how to trust Him more. I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person that has to have it ‘all figured out’ before I make any decisions. If we take a road trip, I have to have every stop along the way planned out, how much we are going to spend on our meals, and all of the activities we will be doing once we get there. I’m not a control freak, I promise! I just REALLY enjoy planning. It’s half the fun for me!

The only problem is, I’m like that with life decisions too. I struggle to move forward on things I should do unless I have every step planned out and I have it under control. I think it’s good to make wise, thought out decisions, but when I refuse to move forward until I have every detail worked out in my control, I’m really just saying that I’m not sure if I can trust God with my life. ?

While this is an ongoing lesson I have to learn in my life, I’m so grateful for the big, scary opportunities God has put in my life that I can reach out in faith and say ‘YES’ to! Sometimes that might be saying ‘yes’ to doing a show that I might feel inadequate for, sometimes that might mean saying ‘yes’ to trying something I’ve never done before, and sometimes that might mean saying ‘yes’ to taking the next step in life that I don’t fully understand yet.

Whatever the scenario may look like, I’m learning that it’s a lot less stressful to trust God for directions instead of bearing the weight of having to have it all figured out! What is God teaching you this week?